Repair the Town and Learn Literacy with Rubble and Crew!

Rubble from Paw Patrol with Wheeler and Charger in Ruff Ruff Repairs

Rubble and his construction-focused family take off to help fix Builder Cove after Speedmeister’s hasty repairs leaves the town’s buildings in disarray. Rubble and his family are working to together to fix the buildings in town from Speedmeister’s mess.

In the new Workinman Interactive-developed Rubble and Crew: Ruff Ruff Repairs, players will work with Rubble and his family, Mix, Charger, Wheeler, Motor, Grandpa, and Auntie Crane, each with their own unique tools and techniques, to spruce up houses, gazebos, and ice cream shops and make the town right again. With 9 buildings to choose from, and Speedmeister constantly on the go, there’s no shortage of locations to visit and repairs to make.

Rubble and his family will work together to fix sidewalks, give exteriors a new coat of paint, and repair the damage Speedmeister’s own repairs made to Builder Cove’s beloved structures. To do so, players will need to earn the parts necessary for repair by completing a series of amusing minigames that test and train their literacy skills. Sorting letters and recognizing letter sounds will keep children engaged as they learn to blend sounds and recognize word families as they help Rubble’s crew complete their construction work.

An activity showcasing identifying letter sounds and objects like apples and ducks“We created a set of activities that showcase different literacy concepts,” said Cori Mori, the project’s Lead Developer.“ As players improve their literacy skills, they are introduced to more difficult versions and new activities and concepts.”  The dynamic difficult scaling for these activities also ensure that children stay challenged to improve their skills as they gain mastery of basic concepts.

The educational game design and development teams at Workinman Interactive work closely with Noggin and their other clients  to create fun and educational games that strive to keep players learning, no matter their skill level. All while maintaining an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience kids keep coming back to again and again.

Are you ready to bow-wow build? Rubble and Crew is available on the Noggin app.

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