Team Up with the Paw Patrol in The Mighty Game!

Paw Patrol Mighty Movie Game Title Screen

In Paw Patrol: The Mighty Game, players will work together with Skye and Liberty in two sets of activities based on the events of Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Paw Patrol Mighty Movie Game - Ryder, Sky, Liberty, Vance, Humdinger in the Paw Patrol base

Whether its climbing to the top to stop a giant Mayor Humdinger or getting rid of waves of Victoria Vance’s meteors, players will go through 6 stages as they progress that will exercise their executive function skills. Each stage introduces new obstacles that will keep them aware of an evolving environment that continues to stay engaging and stimulating.

Paw Patrol Movie Game screenshot showing Liberty Stretching mechanic

The difficulty always scales according to the player’s progress and will need to be mindful of how they get through challenges such as the control to avoid tapping on decoy meteors and moving to different platforms to avoid crumbling tiles and electric barriers.

“We tried to make sure that children were confronted with different decision paths along the way, so they have a chance to exercise executive function,” said Lead Project Developer, Joel Shuart.The dynamic difficulty encourages children to try new ideas and keep those skills sharp.

Paw Patrol Movie Game screenshot showing Ske battling Vance in space
Workinman Interactive have collaborated together with Noggin to craft an experience with a focus on education and fun for kids of all skill levels to enjoy on desktop and mobile devices.



Paw Patrol: The Mighty Game is available to play on the Noggin app.

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