Wrap it up! A STEM Challenge for Kids

Noggin Educational STEM Rube Goldberg game title screen for Wrap it Up
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The newest game for the Noggin app reinforces key STEM principles and problem solving skills.

Team up with your favorite Nick Jr characters from Blue’s Clues, PAW Patrol, and Bubble Guppies to fix the gift-wrapping machine! Blaze needs to deliver presents from the present factory, but the machines are broken. It’s up to you to fix the conveyor belts to get the machine back up and running , and wrapping gifts again.  Kids get to experiment with combinations of conveyor belts, springs, and pipes bends to direct a gift from one end of the wrapping machine, to the the other. The game intelligently introduces players each machine part, helps them understand what is broken, and provides guidance on how to fix it to get the machine working again. It’s engineering for preschoolers!

Teaching kids problem-solving with educational games

Wrap it up aims to be a great resource for kids to test out their problem solving skills. The further they progress into the game, each level becomes more intricate and challenging in terms of the mechanical combinations. There are three floors of the gift-wrapping factory, respectively split up into easy, medium, and hard. The first two have kids placing mechanisms in the right spot, while the third section mixes things up by having them fix already existing parts that are facing the wrong direction. 

Educational STEM (engineering) game design and development

As an highly-optimized cross-platform HTML5 game, Wrap it Up demonstrates a versatile catalog of unique physics mechanics, with silky smooth animations to drive home the immersion and keep kids thinking they are watching their favorite show, rather than solving engineering problems. Workinman’s engine is also notable for maintaining large amounts of high res graphics, detailed animations, and multichannel audio, without bogging down devices young kids tend to use.

Your kids can Wrap it Up! today on the Noggin App for both Android and iOS!

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