New ZOMBIES 2 Game Released on Disney NOW!

Disney Channel's Zombies 2 Game Developer

They’re back from the dead!

Join the Z-Team on their journey in Disney Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2: The Quest for the Moonstone!

Zed and Addison must once again call upon the power of the moonstone to bring the town of Seabrook back to perfect harmony. But the arrival of a mysterious group of Werewolves threatens to jeopardize their mission! This new game is the perfect compliment to the Disney Channel phenomenon!

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Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2: The Quest for the Moonstone, you plays as a hybrid platformer. Jump to avoid obstacles and collect items to help you through your journey, using special character-specific powers tear your way through dangerous traps. Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of minigames including matching, memory, puzzles, and the ultra-fun cheerleader rhythm game. 

Each character you play as will have new and unique abilities, as well as a new storyline to follow. Whether you’re a human, zombie, or werewolf, you’ll have the skills you need to tear through any obstacle. Each character is tasked with completing their own unique minigame when you reach the end of a side scrolling level. 

Workinman’s game development team built a custom HTML5 engine to handle the hybrid style gameplay, while creating a trendy new art style to compliment the live action film and characters.  The rhythm game sections particularly stand out, with dance routines painstakingly animated and a fun mechanic that is a throwback to retro-touch rhythm classics.

Despite being packed with hi-res art, hundreds of animations, and a multitude of minigames, engine works flawlessly across the gamut of devices in the Disney Now app, supporting both iOS and Android phones and tablets, even older ones, allowing anyone to pick up and play from anywhere.

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