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The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice title screen

Explore the Demon realm in the latest Workinman-developed game, The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice!

Premiering on January 10th, 2020, Disney’s newest addition, The Owl House, aims to bring horror and mystery back to cartoons! The story features a fantasy loving teenager named Luz, who finds herself becoming the apprentice of a witch named Eda and her friend King. Together they venture through the demon realm facing evil wherever they go!

Unity Developer for mobile apps - Owl House Game

In the Workinman developed mobile platformer, The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice, you get to play as Luz as she completes tasks for Eda, furthering her goal of becoming a witch herself. Players have the option of playing the main quests as well as doing side missions looking for hidden relics. You can also increase your rank as a witch’s apprentice as you play through the game. There are many different terrains to explore in the demon realm, from the harrowing outskirts of the forest, to the bustling inner city, even soaring above the clouds in a witch’s broomstick. Along the way, items you receive from Eda will help you tremendously in your quest!

Are you ready to become a witch’s apprentice? Check out The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice, available today on the DisneyNow app for Android and IOS.

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