Workinman Brings Fun Family-Friendly Games to the Vuzix Blade

Games for the Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality Glasses
Four new casual games set to entertain wearers of the new fashionable smart glasses in January 2019

Rochester-based Vuzix’s highly-anticipated Blade® smart glasses may be a game changer for wearable AR in 2019 when it launches in retail for consumers. The discreet state-of-the-art glasses have a crisp and clear display, a variety of sensors, and precision touch controls–features that beg for multi-media apps and games.

Workinman’s initial wave of releases includes four fun and easy-to-play casual games. Vuzix Blade® wearers can blissfully occupy their time on the train and in waiting rooms, offer quick and challenge breaks at work, and game discretely on the go.

Vuzix Dino Hunt

Dino Hunt Game for Vuzix BladeHunt the biggest and most dangerous game in history in this prehistoric first-person-shooter exclusive to the Vuzix Blade®!

Set your sights on savage carnivores, taking out as many as you can before they chomp you to bits. But shoot with caution, there are friendly herbivores hiding in the lush jungles and creepy caves.

With an arsenal of awesome weaponry, from sniper rifles to rocket launchers, explore over 28 levels of family-friendly beast-blasting fun.


Vuzix Golf

Golf for the Vuzix BladeNow you can hit the links from anywhere with Vuzix Golf, a golfing experience exclusive to the Vuzix Blade® from Workinman Interactive.

Unwind across 18 relaxing holes in the “Country Club” course, or challenge yourself in the icy and obstacle-filled “Winter Wonderland” course. Each mode offers hours of engaging entertainment as you dominate your drives and perfect your puts.



Vuzix Racers

Vuzix Racers - ArcadeSpeed through four unique environments as you make your way from the Northwest to New York in this challenging arcade racing game exclusive to the Vuzix Blade®.

Swipe to dodge traffic and pick up fuel to keep going fast and far, but watch out! There’s danger around every corner. Cross the country to earn coins and unlock new and exciting rides, paint jobs, and courses.



Space Miner

Vuzix Smart Glasses - casual gamesHarvest resources from the far edges of the galaxy in this engaging idle incremental game exclusively for the Vuzix Blade®.

Mine asteroids and derelict ships for resources. Harvest the infinite energy of gas giants and black holes. Earn space bucks and the rare Element Zero to unlock and utilize ship upgrades and exciting new alien technologies to increase production and build a mining empire!



Vuzix Blade AR Games by Workinman Interactive

Working directly with Vuzix, Workinman Interactive, a New York-based video game and AR/VR development studio has already been putting the new the cutting-edge technology of the Blade series of smart glasses to use, creating exciting games and handy toolsets for the  groundbreaking new platform.

Workinman’s decade of experience as an award winning 2D and 3D game developer, as well as leaders in brand nurturing and technical R&D, have given them precisely the qualifications to bring exciting games based on this exciting new tech to market. As the future of AR-based gaming approaches, Workinman is ready to meet you there.

Learn more about Workinman Interactive’s AR/VR game design and development services.

Vuzix Blade® The World’s First Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The Vuzix Blade® AR Smart Glasses provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix’ proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine. It’s like having your computer or smartphone screen information right in front of you, wherever you go. The Vuzix Blade weighing in at less than 3 oz. represents the first pair of smart glasses that provide the wearer with a sizable virtual screen and brilliant pallet of colors via a thin completely see-through lens, in a fashionable form factor. Learn more about the Vuzix Blade.

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