Super Arcade Brings Retro-Inspired Games to DisneyNOW

Disney Super Arcade title Screen
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Four years ago Disney’s Soaring Over Summer brought retro-gaming fun to modern mobile devices, allowing kids to play a collection of exciting games staring their favorite Disney characters on the go. Year after year Workinman Interactive, a New York-based game design and development studio, returned to the franchise to add more retro-styled Disney Junior and Disney Channel characters and a slew of new and exciting games and play modes.

Muppet Babies Sumer Arcade - game developed in HTML5

With its fourth summer release, the now appropriately titled Disney’s Super Arcade, the Workinman Interactive games team added 6 more minigames games based on popular Disney shows, bringing the total to 13. Rendered by Workinman in a 3D voxel style, over 40 popular Disney characters take on a retro-game appearance for their game worlds, yet maintain the hilarity and charm of their cartoon counterparts.

HTML5 Game - developed at workinman

Disney’s Super Arcade isn’t just a game, it’s an event!

“Each minigame offers prizes which are earned by returning and playing again throughout the summer,” says Mohd. Farhan Abd. Rahman, HTML5 game developer at Workinman. “Prizes are fun modifications players can apply to a minigame, such as confetti party mode.

“Players really get into the daily prize-reveal and love to see what affect it has on their favorite games,” says Mohd. Farhan,  “It’s what takes these games to another level.”

Play now in the DisneyNOW app for Android and Apple devices.



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