“Watch Your Words” is a Hilarious Amazon Alexa Trivia Game

Watch Your Words: Alexa and smart assistant (AI) game developer

Quickly!  Name a vehicle that moves on rails. Don’t say train!

Name an animal people ride! Don’t say horse!

Nickelodeon’s Watch Your Words, a new Alexa party game by the creative team at Workinman Interactive, is a new take on voice trivia designed to get players to think “outside the box” often resulting in gut-busting unexpected responses.

Hosted by popular Nicktoons characters, players are asked to list things of a particular description, excluding the most obvious response. The result… stumped players under pressure often come up with the craziest items, causing the whole party to go off the rails.

The family-friendly questions span topics such as Media, Animals, Food, Games, and Sports and it’s the type of game where creativity and a strong sense of humor is heavily rewarded.

With a whopping 250 questions to start, and more questions and guest hosts being added monthly, “Watch Your Words” is destined to keep families huddled and howling around the Alexa for hours on end.

Nickelodeon’s Watch Your Words is a Free Amazon Alexa skill available on any Alexa-compatible device, and through FreeTime Unlimited.

To enable the skill, simply say “Alexa, open Watch Your Words.”

The Watch Your Words skill is for kids and fans aged 6+.

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