5 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Brand with AR

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Google and Apple are really pushing Augmented Reality as the future of user engagement. With more and more devices rapidly hitting the market using advanced AR capabilities, and not much software out there to take advantage of it, users are itching to try them out. Now’s your chance to take the spotlight and show off your brand in AR. Here are some ideas on how…

Make print material come to life

Developer for Augmented Reality Advertisements

Using marker recognition, we can turn any print advertisement, label, or packaging design and use it to trigger an AR experience. All users need to do is, fire up the app, point the camera at your design, and watch the magic happen. Food packaging can show video ads, nutritional information, and offer coupons. Cereal mascots can burst out of the box with animations and speech. Product advertisements can trigger games, videos, show interactive 3D models, and more in AR. It’s a great way to put a high-tech spin on an old fashioned medium while increasing retention and sharing of print ads. AMC Theaters’ app turns movie posters throughout their establishments into triggers for playing trailers, viewing cast info, and purchasing tickets. 


Give users a chance to engage with your product virtually

AR Shopping app developerUsing plane detection and environmental mapping technology, a lot of phones can place virtual objects into the user’s environment. Offering customization options and allowing users to share photos with friends and family is a great way to increase virality. The Drum reports that these interactions can increase click-through purchase rates of around 33%–dramatically higher than traditional advertisements. Ikea’s app puts virtual furniture into the home, while Lowe’s simulates life-size home improvement projects in the user’s yard, bot allowing for one-touch-access to online shopping carts and physical store locations and stock.


Virtual tours and enhanced environments

A virtual tour using augmented realityGive your visitors an enhanced visit to your physical location with a virtual tour in AR. Show them historic photos, videos, or let them explore on their own while fact finding or scavenger-hunting. Using a combination of marker recognition environmental mapping, AR events can be triggered by surrounding signs or structures, pop up with virtual guides and immersive audio. Imagine wandering around Colonial Gettysburg with this technology in hand, having a personalized guided tour by the governor himself, and the ability to access historical imagery, documents, and see reinactments overlaying the locations they once took place.


Try before you buy

Makeup POS AR mobile appGive your customers the opportunity to try on your product. Mobile facial-detection has matured over the years, allowing apps to apply makeup, sunglasses, hats, and facial hair. For other parts of the body, it’s not so easy, but definitely not out of the question. Take this a step further with a “Ask your friends” button to prompt users to share photos and get opinions on a product (and thus sharing your brand) on social media. Macy’s rolled out an app that gives customers virtual access to thousands of cosmetics products available in stores. Users can try on individual products or complete looks, have selected products shipped, or swing by a Macy’s location for pickup. Kiosks with similar features are set to land in stores in 2019.


Let them play

AR games and Apps developed in UnityLet users experiment and create with your products or branding. Give them the tools and let their environment be the canvas to create unique and shareable content to help propagate your message. Imagine a sporting equipment company releasing an app that allows users to put basketball hoops anywhere with AR. in offices, on the side of buildings, on top of famous landmarks. They can then flick a branded basketball from their screen for a chance to score a shot and share videos of their trials and victories.


Workinman Interactive for AR Development

Workinman is more than a VR/AR development house: we’re a studio of engaging game designers passionate about exploring the frontiers of technology. With our rich history of creating apps for major advertising and entertainment clients, we can bring compelling experiences to your audiences in the realm of AR and more. Talk with us today to get started.

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