Dive Deep with Pillars of Power: What’s New in Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia: Pillars of Power update - Blockchain Developer log

Embark on a thrilling excavation in Mines of Dalarnia’s newest update, where power pillars boost your journey and elite enemies test your mettle.

Version 1.7 of Mines of Dalarnia introduces “Pillars of Power,” a new gameplay enhancement found in standard mines. Activating Pillars grants abilities that change how you tackle the creatures that lurk around your digs. Freeze anything you touch or call down strikes of lightning, explore the mines and uncover great power. This update also includes a new campaign, numerous quality of life improvements, and user interface enhancements. 

Join the ranks of elite miners and dive into the thrilling new world of Mines of Dalarnia! Download the latest launcher now and unlock the exciting updates waiting for you!


Pillars of Power:

  • Up to two pillars will appear in each dig, at any depth.
  • Activating these pillars grants powerful buffs lasting the entire run.
  • Explore different pillars to uncover unique effects!

Elite Enemies:

  • New, tougher elite enemies are now present in the mines.
  • Each standard monster now has a corresponding elite version for added challenge.
  • Elite versions of deeper depth monsters appear exclusively in deeper layers.
  • Utilize the power of the pillars for easier victories against these foes.

All New Pillars of Power Campaign:

  • Launch the new campaign from the Campaigns menu.
  • Defeat elite monsters and complete custom levels to finish the campaign.
  • Successful completion rewards players with a new Pillar-themed holographic set.

A screenshot of the Workinman Interactive-developed title Mines of Dalarnia: Gameplay from Pillars of Power

Tons of Changes and Improvements:

  • Enhanced controller responsiveness across all game interfaces.
  • Added a toggleable holographic ponytail in the player loadout screen.
  • Expanded player rank rewards up to level 200.
  • Improved level diversity in upper depths.
  • New alert pop-ups for expired boosters post-dig.
  • Refined DEX trade UI for clearer transaction limits.
  • Updated navigator with more search filters.
  • Highlighted plots with remaining digs.
  • Included planet IDs in the Land Management screen for easier identification.
  • Enhanced clarity of resource totals after digs with specific multipliers.
  • Introduced new animations and sounds across the user interface.
  • Reorganized settings menu for streamlined navigation.
  • Improved loading screens featuring helpful tips.
  • Eliminated knockback effects when hitting walls during combat.
  • Enhanced tutorial missions in the onboarding campaign.
  • Addressed bugs allowing movement during UI overlays.
  • Refined player movement and hitbox precision.
  • Various additional UI adjustments and refinements.

A screenshot of the Workinman Interactive-developed title Mines of Dalarnia: Gameplay from Pillars of Power

About Mines of Dalarnia and Workinman Interactive

Mines of Dalarina, which launched in 2022, is a popular blockchain-based action-mining game with real-estate market elements. The game merges intense combat with gripping dungeon exploration, offering a cutting-edge addition to the genre powered by blockchain technology. Plunge into the shadowy depths of mysterious mines, gather valuable resources to upgrade your gear and abilities, and brace yourself for the perils that lurk below. With a wealth of resources waiting to be unearthed, Dalarnia is a treasure trove for both adventurers and investors, ready to be explored, collected, and traded. 

Developed by New York-based Workinman Interactive, and backed by Chromaway’s relational blockchain technology, MoD is under continuous development to optimize and deliver one of the best Block-chain-based experiences on the market.  While the focus is always on fun, the game takes economics seriously, without overcomplicating gamers who love to unwind while they invest. The latest update, version 1.7, offers not only the new Pillars of Power mechanic, but a substantial set of Quality of Life improvements, demonstrating Workinman’s commitment to the community.

Dig in by downloading now: minesofdalarnia.com

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