Atari & Workinman Launch Foodgood’s Food Truck Frenzy

Atari Game Developer - Food Truck Frenzy

Take on the world in Foodgod’s Food Truck Frenzy!

If you’ve ever wanted to show off those matching skills to the world, here’s your chance!

Food Truck Frenzy is a new spin on the classic match 3 game. Hosted by Instagram sensation and Kim Kardashian pal Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban, players can put their tile matching and cuisine-crafting skills to the test in competitive player-vs-player mode.

As a fledgeling Food Truck entrepreneur, you take your barebones food truck out on the road to serve us specially crafted recipes to customers of all types (and demands). The more matches you make, the more happy customers give you “likes”, raising your world ranking, earning you cash, and helping you build up your food truck empire with more amazing trucks and recipes.

With over 6 fantastical food kingdoms to unlock, you take on competing Food Truck Chefs in online matches to earn and upgrade new decadent recipes to add to you menu. Taunt your opponents with hilarious Foodmoji messages and silly character costumes. And when you are done playing, your trucks still earn your coins, which you can collect and spend when you come back to play.

For those looking for a more solitary experience, the single player quest mode takes you across the world from major city to city, block by block, solving challenging match 3 food-themed puzzles. Don’t worry though, you get to use those awesome recipe power-ups as you go. The more sections in a city you win, the grander the rewards you unlock.

There are plenty of more epic recipes, food kingdoms, avatar outfits, and single player challenges in the works and exciting new content is rolling out regularly, including limited edition customizations, trucks, and foodmojis. So grab the game now and start building up your food truck business!

Foodgod’s Food Truck Frenzy was designed and developed by Workinman Interactive and Atari, Inc.

Foodgod’s Food Truck Frenzy is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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