Foodie Fun with the Sesame Street Gang!

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck game title screen
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Go Farm to Big Bird’s Table Sesame Street: Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck

Cookie Monster and Chef Gonger need your help! They’re cooking up some of the most favorite recipes from beloved Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar. But each recipe is missing one ingredient! It’s up to you guys to drive across town and collect ingredients to finish the recipe. 

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Offering young players an opportunity to serve their favorite Sesame character a delicious dish , they are tasked to hunt down the secret ingredient, before they mix, stir and cook to perfection. Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck aims to teach kids the basics of cooking simple meals at home. The game takes your child through the process of what ingredients are needed for a recipe, as well as showing how those ingredients are prepared and in what order. These recipes were designed to be simple so that if a child wanted to make the recipe (with a parent’s permission of course) they would be able to do so. Food like Bert’s favorite oatmeal or Elmo’s favorite peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich are among the list. Children also get to learn some of the common locations where foods are grown and prepared, like at a farm or in a factory. 


The game was developed for HTML5 so it can run from the website from any desktop or mobile browser, and optimized for performance so the detailed animations run smoothly even on those old hand-me-down tablets. The game also features several accessibility features so a variety of player types can enjoy!

Check out Sesame Street: Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck here:

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