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Mira On the Case Mobile Game

Join Mira and her friends to find hidden items in Mira: On The Case!

Disney’s newest addition to the Disney Junior lineup brings beautiful Indian culture into all homes, as Mira, the royal detective, who helps aid her kingdom in solving mysteries. In the new mobile game accompanying the launch of the exciting new show, it’s up to you to aid the Royal Detective in finding lost items. Using Mira’s royal magnifying glass, kids get to explore various parts of the Mira: Royal Detective kingdom in Augmented Reality while performing tasks for some of the well known characters. 

Screenshot from Mira On the Case, Developed by Workinman Interactive game studiosDisney game developer

Made in Unity Engine, On The Case utilizes mobile gyroscopic controls, allowing the player to have full 360-degree movement capabilities to search the detailed and quite interesting environments. The enhanced interactivity with the gyroscope will surely get kids moving around, searching every crevice for hidden clues, and offer a break from typical mobile game touch-screen-mashing.Workinman Interactive’s engineers were able to combine the usage of High Dynamic Range Imaging technology along with a combination full high resolution 2D and 3D graphics into a fun and easy-to-use game that’s a blast to play by all ages, and runs on nearly all mobile devices.


Try out On The Case on the Disney Now app today or Android and IOS.

Need to develop a mobile game that stuns people with engaging mechanics and stunning graphics? With over 10 years experience crafting interactive experience for major entertainment leaders, such as Disney, Workinman Interactive has the know-how, tools, and technology, to build your app from the ground up with cost-effective yet superbly high quality processes. Contact us today to learn more.

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