Introduce kids to engineering with Pet Parlor Rescue

Engineering learning game for kids. Pet Parlor Rescue
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Kids are challenged to build cleaning contraptions in a clever STEM sandbox game for preschoolers.

A big rainstorm hit Adventure Bay during the annual Pet Parade. Now all the pets are muddy and wet! It’s up to us to build grooming machines so the pets can get sparkling clean in time for the parade!

STEM game for preschool learners themed on pet rescue

In Pet Parlor Rescue, kids hone their engineering and problem-solving instincts building contraptions to carry pets to the cleaning station. Conveyor belts, springs, and pipes of several varieties ar at their disposal to transport pets safely. With a choice of three different levels; rabbits, pigs, and cats, each one kids building contraptions for scrubbing, washing, and drying the pets with scaling challenging. The levels start simple, only giving kids one type of mechanism to experiment with. As they progress, eager learners are encouraged to construct intricate combinations of mechanisms to finish the machine.

A screenshot showing a the Workinman-developed STEM engineering game, Pet Parlor Rescue

Pet Parlor Rescue aims to bring engineering principles to younger audiences using a fun sandbox approach. Kids get to experiment with different combinations of devices as they see fit, and upon flipping the power switch, can see where their build works and where it fails. Through encouragement and iteration even beginner engineers can learn to build complex pet transport machines in no time. 

A screenshot of a STEM learning game for preschoolers

Pet Parlor Rescue demonstrates a versatile catalog of unique physics mechanics, with adorable animations to drive home the fun and  immersion. The sandbox engine provides real world examples of common types of tools and methods used in engineering, but in a playful way. Developed in HTML5 for the Noggin Preschool Learning App, Workinman Interactive’s proprietary engine allowed the team to focus on an engaging and multimedia rich learning experience, without having to make artistic cuts or struggle to optimize the game for low end mobile devices. The result: a rich and inspiring learning experience that runs on pretty much anything.


You can play Pet Parlor Rescue today on the Noggin App for both Android and IOS

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