Noggin’s Summertime Splash STEM Game Beats the Heat

Noggin Summertime Splash - a STEM engineering game for kids
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Build Rube Goldberg machines to trigger sprinklers and splash tanks and soak their Noggin friends in this Engineering activity game for Preschoolers.

Just in time for the summer heatwave, Noggin’s new STEM activity game, aptly named Summertime Splash, brings splash-park themed STEM engineering puzzles into kid’s hands.

Using a tray of machine parts, kids are shown how each contraption moves the ball and then tasked with building a machine to get a ball to the target. Once they succeed, the machine releases a barrage of balls that hit the target in succession, triggering a hilarious and fun animated sequence when the Noggin friend gets soaked! 

STEM Engineering game for preschoolers - cast of characters

Based on WM Interative’s HTML5 STEM physics puzzle engine, which has been used in other successful Noggin activities, Summertime Splash introduces a new fun backyard summer theme, new animated characters, and a whole lot of challenges for aspiring junior engineers. 

“The game was designed to be super simple for young players to get started, yet really ramps up the cognitive challenge as players progress through the scaffolding,” says Matt Conheady, the game’s producer and Project manager, “In the end, players will ease into mastery of the mechanics and have an overall better understanding of those STEM principles, many without even knowing they were playing a learning game.”

STEM engineering game for kids - gameplay screenshot - developed by Workinman Interactive

The visual style of the game is as enlightening as the gameplay. With a bright summer atmosphere and a variety of exciting water-soaked payoffs, it’s almost as refreshing as jumping through the sprinkler yourself. Senior Designer Noelle Brandmier mentions, “Animating and creating art for Summertime Splash was so much fun. I really got to channel my inner child while creating drenching devices and splashes!”


Summertime Splash is now playable in the Noggin Learning App for Kindle, Android, and Apple devices. 

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