Disney’s Super Arcade Soars Once Again with 4 New Games!

Disney Super Arcade bubble pop puzzle game
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Amphibia Game DesignSince its debut 4 years ago, Disney Super Arcade has amassed a following of over 20 million players. Workinman has been keeping the hype going with new mini games being added each year! Let’s see what’s in store for the latest update!

This year, Workinman Interactive’s HTML5 Games Team added 4 more games to the lineup making a total of 17 to choose from. The latest set features characters from the newer Disney Junior shows like Fancy Nancy, Amphibia, T.O.T.S, and Big City Greens. Each show bring to the game collection its own retro-inspired game design, hilarious cast of voxel characters, easy desktop and mobile mechanics, and Special Prizes! Those Prizes are big part of what makes Disney’s Super Arcade so desirable to come back to day after day. PThe more days a player plays, the more prizes they earn. The prizes are modifiers that enhance gameplay with new audio or visuals. For example, “Party Mode” which turns a game into a confetti-and party-hat-filled festival. It’s a fun way of turning old game new and exciting again!

Despite the game modes being an homage to retro classics, Disney Super Arcade takes advantage of more modern 3D Voxelized art style and mobile touch controls. This gives the newer generation a chance to experience those arcade classics of yesteryear, but with present-day mobile touch controls, updated art and sound, and some awesome special effects. For the series, Workinman Interactive’s art team designed dozens of character models in the voxel style using tools such as Qubicle and Blender. The result is a cast of playable heroes that have an “arcade digital” appearance, but still have a fun and squishy array of animations that make them fun to interact with.

Html5 game design

On the tech side things are just as impressive. Workinman’s development team created the game in a custom high performance HTML5 engine, allowing it to work in any modern web browser, desktop or mobile. The controls were perfected for both desktop and touch, and assets were customized and optimized across all 17 games, making this one of the most feature rich and beautifully designed cross-platform HTML5 games in existence…and it loads and launches in seconds on pretty much any device, even the one you gave your kids years ago.

Html5 game design

Disney Super Arcade is available on the Disney Now app (for iOS and Android) and on DisneyNow.com

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