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Preschoolers can color to their heart’s content and learn while doing it with Ocean: Color + Create for the ‎Noggin Preschool Learning App

With a selection of 3 Ocean environments to fill with up to 15 native species, the game teaches kids about the creatures they color and interact with, from their appearance to feeding habits. 

While the activity encourages them to color the various fish, sharks, turtles, and jellies like the real thing, there’s no stopping their creativity to create new and exciting variations. Once complete, with a tap of a button, the creature will come to life and swim home to their native habitat. There, kids can add stickers representing rocks, caves, coral, and seaweed, further developing and customizing their home. 

Digital Educational Coloring Aquarium App developed by WM Interactive

As players build up their habitats with diversity, the Paw Patrol is right there with them guiding the way. They can add up to 15 more customized creatures to each environment and interact with them all, learning fun facts observing their unique behaviors. The reference photography, zoology facts, and behaviors make for a STEM science game that is as fun as it is educational.

STEM virtual aquarium app

Ocean: Color + Create was designed as a lightweight HTML5 app using WM Interactive’s coloring book engine. While the engine was built to support a variety of brushes, paint styles, stickers and animations, a very fundamental set of features were hand-selected to make the game accessible for this younger age group. Because HTML5 games are often played on small screens, great care was made to design the coloring templates and coloring brushes so they function optimally across all devices. 


WM Interactive has been creating digital coloring books for all ages for over a decade. From dynamic pages with animated brushes and stickers to printable and shareable creations, we can create a custom solution built upon our cost-efficient engine to help you offer sustainable engagement between your customers and your brand. Contact us today to start coloring!

Oceans: Color + Create is available in the Noggin Preschool Learning App for Apple and Android devices.

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