Workinman Makes Connecting Toys to Tabs a Breeze with True Connect

True Connect - Easy App Pairing for Connected Products

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — Workinman Interactive LLC, a veteran game and connected toy development agency, announced today its True Connect connected product platform. The new platform, developed in Unity for unparalleled cross-platform support, was designed to alleviate the common problems consumers have when connecting apps to smart toys, reduce customer services requests, and intercept potential product RMAs.

The platform, easily integrates into any connected product app (whether it be a smart toy or toaster), delivers a seamless pairing experience with the hardware. Behind the scenes, it checks hardware compatibility and device permissions, automatically enabling required features and requesting required permissions to ensure a quick and successful connection. If something were to go amiss, a series of helpful tips and animations guide the user through the most common troubleshooting tips. If all else fails, the platform will direct them to the proper customer service portal.

“Even when it comes to connecting the simplest of Bluetooth devices, things often go wrong,” says Matt Conheady, Workinman Connected Products Producer. “We wanted to automate many of those initial troubleshooting steps behind the scenes, and make connecting as easy as it should be.”

Smart toy app troubleshooting
True Connect will identify and fix connectivity issues behind the scenes or with a friendly, customizable user interface.


True Connect is Workinman’s second generation platform for connected products. Here is a breakdown of features:

  • Supports wireless connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE)
  • Supports wired connections (USB, Cat5/6)
  • Supports direct, local area network, and connections over the internet
  • Supports Android and iOS phones, tablets, and streaming boxes (Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV)
  • Support for instructional animation, videos, and diagrams
  • Detects proper permissions (bluetooth, location services, etc)
  • Outbound web links, phone support dialing, social media chat
  • Automatic diagnostic data collection
  • Analytics integration.

True Connect was first utilized in the Little Tikes Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench, to provide children and parents alike with a smooth Bluetooth connection experience, as well as reduce support requests, negative reviews, and product returns.  It is now offered across all of Workinman’s Connected Products line of services.

Located in upstate New York, Workinman Interactive is a multi-platform video game developer and connected product designer (specializing in youth markets and toys). Services include: Unity and HTML5 programming, art and animation, localization, gamification, interactive exhibits, augmented and virtual reality development, and QA-testing. For more information, or to give your next connected product the True Connect experience, contact us.



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