Barbie and Smart Cycle: A match made in Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia game for Fisher Price Smart Cycle.

Drive around in a land full of wonders and magic in this educational title for the Fisher Price Smart Cycle.

Drive through Dreamtopia!
Fisher Price collaborated with Workinman to create a kid-friendly interactive game featuring favorite characters from the popular animated series, Barbie Dreamtopia. Using the Fisher Price Smart Cycle, players can pedal and steer to control Chelsea and her adorable puppy, Honey, as they ride around the Rainbow Coaster through Rainbow Cove and a through series of fun STEAM-based activities.
Barbie App - Connected Toys
High-performance “Cloud” Engine
In order to create the soft and fluffy 3D cloud environment of Dreamtopia’s Rainbow Cove, in addition to high-polygon animated characters, Workinman’s art and development teams used a variety of advanced strategies, and really pushed the limit of what is capable on mobile devices.
“With Children’s games you can’t just target the high-performance devices. You have to make sure you run smoothly on those hand-me-downs and budget tablets. That’s 90% of the audience,” says producer/project manager, Matt Conheady. “We plan for this from the beginning, and through smart design, some tweaking of the engine performance, and heavy optimizations, we are able to get smooth frame-rates on all of our target devices.
 Barbie App - Connected Toys
Engineering and Creativity 
As players race around the animated 3D environment past colorful waterfalls and schooling Rainbow Fish, they encounter challenges to design custom buildings, paint in missing colors, build bridges over missing track, and create their own music while they drive. This mix of STEAM elements, fun youth-oriented gameplay, and active play is really where the Smart Cycle platform shines.
Magical Ride Through Barbie Dreamtopia™ is available in app stores for Apple iPad, Android, Kindle, AppleTV, and FireTV.
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