PullString is going away, but don’t panic, we are here to help

Jovo PullString BotTalk Developer

Goodbye PullString

PullString has been an empowering tool for developers wanting to create voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with their easy-to-use Converse and Conversation Cloud. While Apple’s recent acquisition of the startup could mean great things for their own Siri in the future, it spells big trouble for Alexa and Google content creators who have existing PullString-based apps. All existing PullString projects should be ported onto a new development environment by summer 2019 in order to ensure the skill will continue functioning.

Mass Migration

The voice app market is hot right now. Which means there are not only thousands of apps and skills out there, there are some serious efforts in the pipeline, including some that are paired with hardware. Mattell’s own Hello Barbie uses Amazon Alexa on a system built with PullString Converse. Publishers just can’t have devices and games out in the wild suddenly cease working or abandon plans for a releases in this demanding market. Many will have to migrate to a new development platform such as BotTalk or Jovo, which have a lot of the same capabilities as PullString, but offer unique features and challenges. Time is running out and as publishers seek conversions en masse, qualified developers are in short supply.

Workinman Interactive is here to help

Workinman Interactive offers creative and professional voice app creation and porting for environments and all platforms. We offer rapid and faithful conversions that provide the longevity and support your app needs to remain relevant. Beyond that we are here to support you with content updates from our creative, quality control, and localization teams.

Whether you are looking for quick help migrating away from PullString Converse or need a reliable team to create a new voice app for Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss affordable options that work best for you and your app.

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