Loud House: Dairyland game collection is extremely a-moo-sing!

Loud House: Dairyland game title screen.

The latest Workinman Interactive-developed title to launch on Nick.comLoud House: Dairyland Amoosement Park is a hilarious collection of themed minigames simulating attractions from this bizarre amoosement park from the hit Nickelodeon show. 


Game environment design

Players take control of Lincoln and can explore the park grounds, skipping lines, and taking on challenges such as the Cattle Battle (a bit-too-unfair) bull ride, the anti-romantic Tunnel of Butter, and the high calorie Shake Lab memory game. Each mini-game attraction is designed to be pick-up-and play on both desktop and mobile, fast-paced, and infinitely re-playable.

Game developer for minigames

The Workingman art team took on the challenge of designing richly-detailed, animated environments for the game, using existing show reference and character designs to inspire the look and feel of these new settings. Far more detail was crammed into these set pieces than typical browser-games, which tend to be light on assets due to load times and mobile performance. In the end the highly-skilled development team was able to preserve not only the amazing art and animation, but also keep low load-times and high frame-rates on even the lowest end devices. Altogether the game is as much as a technical achievement as is is an artistic one.  

Loud House: Dairlyland Amoosement Park is a Workinman Interactive-developed cross-platform title on Nick.com. Play it now.

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