Elmo’s Big Brain Games help stimulate kids’ minds using interactive puzzles

Sesame Street Growing Together: Elmo's Brain Games
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Players get to build on core concepts to help prepare them for school with School Readiness by the Sesame Street in Communities website.

The latest campaign from the beloved show Sesame Street seeks to give children a handful of resources to help them prepare for continuing education. The website helps parents and children find the content they need by allowing the user to organize its content based on the age of the child taking advantage of it.  Among these resources are storybooks, articles, printable activities, and most notably, a Workinman-developed educational game.

In Elmo’s Big Brain Games, you’re tasked with helping Elmo navigate his way through Sesame Street. Along the way you meet plenty of familiar faces who greet you with exciting challenges to complete. The game features a large dose of early learning concepts for kids to experiment with including color, matching, counting, and memorization. There are 6 mini-games in total that correspond with those concepts. Each game builds further onto those concepts with each time you play it, making it increasingly more difficult as time goes on. Other characters from the show such as Cookie Monster and Oscar are also there to help guide you through the challenges that lie ahead. 

Workinman has been providing meaningful educational experiences for over a decade, tailoring to some of the biggest names in children’s education and entertainment. Give us a call for your next big project.

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