Color & Create: Interactive Butterfly Garden Exhibit

Virtual Color a Butterfly terrarium projector exhibit

WM Interactive’s new digital projection exhibit is ready for museums and attractions around the world.

The Strong Museum of Play’s Digital Aquarium was the hit of 2019, attracting thousands of eager underwater junior explorers watching their sea creatures come to life.

The new Butterfly Garden exhibit is designed to take that to the next level. Utilizing the same technology as the digital aquarium, it is designed to offer more variety and expanded customization to help museums and other venues offer more engagement to visitors, and encourage more frequent returns.

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How does it work?

Kids obtain a coloring page, which is a butterfly outline, similar to a page in a coloring book. They color the butterfly any way they want and then take it to the scanning kiosk. They place the page down on the kiosk and press a button to scan it. Within seconds they see it come to life on the kiosk screen and then it flies over to the garden on the big screen joining all the other butterflies. It flutters, swoops, stops for a snack on a nearby flower, and more. Kids can pose for selfies in front of their creation, or get back to creating more!

Features of the Digital Butterfly Garden Exhibit:
  • Butterfly coloring pages
    • A variety of species
    • Works with crayons, colored pencils, and markers
    • Print pages yourself on standard 8.5×11 printer paper
    • Add your museum/venue’s branding to the pages, which make great souvenirs.
  • Kiosk
    • You can build it yourself or we can build one for you
    • Contains the hardware to drive the whole system (we provide)
    • Uses a high-resolution camera and monitor (we provide both)
    • Button controlled or automatic scanning
    • Fun and engaging audio with optional “fun facts.”
  • Garden
    • Can be displayed via projector, TV, or second monitor
    • A lush and detailed garden environment for the butterflies to fly about
    • Animated and lively
    • Manages the number of butterflies on screen at once.
    • Optional ambient sound effects.
  • Administrator controls
    • One-touch start-up and shut-down
    • Audio mute
    • Easily and instantly remove any offensive art with one button
    • Easy updates.
Customizations and add-ons for your own unique experience:
  • More creatures to color
    • Other insects, bugs, lizards, birds, and more. Each with their own animations and behaviors.
  • Custom/Multiple Environments
    • We can completely customize the environment, add in branding, and add in multiple environments.
    • Dual screen/projector environments to cover large areas.
  • Take home pet
    • A small branded web applet that allows users to bring their new creation home with them, feed it, interact with it.
    • Encourage users to revisit the exhibit.
  • Save trees with digital coloring kiosks
    • Instead of coloring paper, visitors can design their creatures on tablet kiosks using touch controls.
Butterfly Coloring projector activity for museums and play centers
A companion web app allows families to “take home” and care for their creation. It carries your brand and can also be customized to notify visitors of updates and events, encouraging them to return to your venue.


Interested in an interactive Color & Create garden or aquarium for your museum or venue? Contact us today for more details and pricing.

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