Play along with Cherries Wild & Pepsi!

Pepsi Cherries Wild Game Show App

Cherries Wild, featuring host Jason Biggs, premiered on February 29 on Fox, with audiences just as excited as the exciting new game show’s contestants.

Play along and win!

With the new Cherries Wild mobile app, available now on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, at-home audiences are able and play along with the show Sunday nights at 7pm / 6c for a chance to win. When contestants hit that thrilling Wild Moment, viewers at home can fire up the app and spin the slot reel go to claim the same cash as the show. Each week, a single winner will triumph from their sofa— taking home exactly what the contestants won on the live broadcast!

That’s not all! During a commercial break, the game opens up the Trivia Rush mode, giving viewers a rapid-fire set of trivia questions ranging in topics from geography to up-to-the-minute pop culture. Those who demonstrate the best accuracy in the shortest amount of time, rise up the leaderboards and may take home that week’s $2,500 prize!

Challenge your friends!

Beyond playing along with the broadcast, players can join in on exciting online matches against others testing their trivia skills and response time across dozens of genres. When the going gets tough, players duel it out on the Cherries Wild slot reel, the player who stops the wheels and gets the highest value scores a bonus, which may turn the tide of the game! With leaderboards listing the top trivia-master and the ability to challenge friends in a quick match, this mode is keeping audiences engaged week-long.

Scan Play and Win!

Main menu of the Cherries Wild app, developed by WM IntaractivePlayers can turn Pepsi Wild Cherry products into more chances to win! By scanning the code found on specially-marked Pepsi Wild Cherry products, players get a shot at winning one of several prizes daily. Upon scanning the code, players are challenged with a single trivia question. After completion, they get a shot at the Pepsi slot machine. From stylish sunglasses to triple-digit gift cards, players instantly know what they won. Not only that, from when they scan their first code, they are entered to win a trip to Vegas! Want more chances to win? Earn a free additional spin when you refer a friend! I think that means they are obligated to take you along to Vegas if they win, right?

Electrifying App Design

The creatives at Workinman set out to make an easy-to-use app that turned trivia, slot machine, and even a simple code scanner into a flashy and fun experience. Every detail of the app pops with colors and animations inspired by Fox’s Cherries Wild show and Pepsi’s product line. The gamification team took charge in jolting a simple game of online trivia into a lively quick-match of wits and chance that keeps players hungry for more.

Workinman’s development team created the infrastructure for the app, working with Fox, Pepsi, OMD, and Prizelogic to ensure a safe and secure sweepstakes system, all while controlling app quality and ensure players have a straightforward and crash-free experience.

Cherries Wild Trivia Game App DeveloperCherries Wild Slot Machine Sweepstakes Developer
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