Blaze & The Monster Machines Teaches Math With A City Builder

Math education game for kids

WM Interactive’s new engine gives kids the opportunity to show their creativity while learning core math skills.

As mobile games are end up in the hands of younger audiences, the prospect of using games for early childhood learning has become much more viable. Games have proven to be an effective learning tool which helps kids practice core skills while enjoying a fun, interactive experience. Noggin’s new Blaze Mega Math Builder does just that with a wholly unique hybrid mobile game.

A city builder game for kids - that teaches math

With the help of sophisticated game design applications, the development team at WM Interactive have seamlessly blended learning and creativity, whilst creating a fun and familiar atmosphere within the Blaze & the Monster Machines world. The result is an engaging city-builder game what rewards players with items to build with for solving simple math problems.

Math educational game developer for preschoolers

Blaze Mega Math Builder gives kids three locations around the city, letting them build different shops, stalls, decorations, and more to make the place their own. In order to add more to the landscape, kids have to unlock the next structure by completing a math related mini game. These games use visual and audio cues to help kids count, understand 1:1 correspondence, compare quantity, and do simple addition, all with the help of their companion, Blaze.


It’s not all math problems though. Within their cities, they can place over 20 structures along the roads and watch Blaze and his buddies drive around interacting with each. At any time, they can head off to earn more, replace the ones they built, start over in an entirely new landscape.

Blaze Mega Math Builder is available to play in the Noggin app.

WM Interactive is a multiplatform game developer for children and adults alike. With hundreds of games created and hundreds of millions of plays, WMI-created games have brought brands and fans together for over 15 years.


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