All That is back with a fun new game!

Nickelodeon All That Game Developer Studio

Help Ed win accolades by completing a suite of zany physics minigames in Employee of the Month!

Nickelodeon’s All That had been revived for another run since its original debut back in 1994. Celebrating the return, in the new puzzle game collection Employee of the Month, you play as Ed in the completing an exciting suite of Good Burger themed minigames. Players are given a score card and judged on how well they complete each minigame. Following the absurd, sketch comedy style of the show, the minigames keep players on their toes with wacky and unpredictable gameplay powered b unique physics engines. Sling combo meals at customers from across the restaurant, fill up soda cups in a rhythm game style fashion, stack miscellaneous items as tall as you can in the freezer, and rack up the points to become the best. You can even give customers exactly the opposite of what they crave in a dialog based minigame with a humorous twist on customer service.

Good Burger game developer

Created as a cross platform HTML5 game, Employee of the Month features a menagerie of versatile game mechanics built with modern 2D physics engines. This allowed us to put a fun twist on the familiar game controls such as timing, stacking, text based, and more. The blend of familiar Flash-era game themes combined with the the modern engine and physics mechanic allow for an enjoyable “pick up and play” experience for both casual players and game veterans. Despite a ton of high res 2D art and detailed animation produced for the title, the team managed to maintain optimal load times and frame rates so it’s smooth as butter to play.

“Focusing on keeping the player engaged and having fun was obviously our primary goal. To that end, we made sure load times would be fast, every game’s controls would be intuitive to pick up and play, and that even ‘wrong’ decisions still have hilarious outcomes.” says Calvin Drake, Game Developer at Workinman Interactive. 

You can check out Employee of the Month here.

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