Workinman Announces Second Generation IoT Hardware Simulator

IoT Hardware Simulator for connected devices, smart toys, applicances

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — Workinman Interactive LLC, a veteran game and connected toy development agency, announced today the second generation of its cloud-based hardware simulation platform for Internet of Things devices and Connected Toys. The simulator allows developers, testers, producers, and stakeholders alike to kickoff and continue with IoT app development, well before the physical hardware is ready.

“It’s a game changer because it enables our clients to see their app fully functioning sooner than their hardware is available,” says D.J. Heberle, Workinman’s Director of Connected Products. “We can kick off app development well before the first hardware prototype, get features tested, and significantly reduce development budgets.”

“Hardware simulators aren’t new,” D.J. says, “but what we now offer has an extensive feature set, a convenient and easy-to-use front end, and a cost that totals only a fraction of what a manufacturer would pay for a service like Seebo, IoTify, or Bevywise.”

Workinman's Cloud-based Smart Toy Simulator can emulate virtually any IoT device.
Samples screenshot showing the web-based hardware simulator set up to emulate a connected toy teddy bear.

For IoT and connected product app development, hardware simulators don’t just benefit the developer, they can be used by stakeholders, bug testers, the technical support teams, and in early user-testing and focus groups. They also help to find and iron out design issues that may need adjusting before the hardware specifications are sent off to manufacturing.

Workinman’s IoT Hardware Simulator (2nd generation) features:

  • Cloud-based platform using HTML5 technology and accessible from any modern browser, from anywhere in the world.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous users.
  • Can emulate a wide variety of hardware configurations and features, such as RFID/NFC sensors/tags, LEDs, LCD displays, audio, motors/servos, battery status, and a wealth of input sensors and parameters.
  • Simulated Bluetooth and Wifi connections, and connection experiences.
  • Error and malfunction handling simulation.
  • Saved hardware states/configurations (for easy repeat testing).
  • Firmware update (OTA) simulation.
  • Debugging tools are included: command line interface, screenshot capture, hardware reset, versioning.
  • Can work along side prototype and final release hardware.

Combined with first-rate mobile app design and development services, as well as exceptional rapid hardware prototyping capabilities, Workinman Interactive is quickly becoming the premier creative and technical studio behind today’s hottest connected devices.

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